ACCUSCAPE™ 10 Pattern Adjustable Nozzle

SKU: BDS6703

Product Overview

Increase your watering coverage with the ACCUSCAPE™ 10 Pattern Spray Nozzle. This nozzle gives you full control over the water pressure needed for each task and features a convenient on/off trigger to eliminate unnecessary trips to the faucet. The durable ABS body and TPR comfort grip helps relieve hand stress while you work outdoors. The ACCUSCAPE™ 10 Pattern Spray Nozzle is fit for a variety of watering tasks and will be the only nozzle you’ll need to buy, guaranteed for a lifetime.

  • 10 Selectable patterns: jet, rinse, cone, fan, center, angle, shower, flat, soaker, mist
  • Convenient on/off trigger
  • Durable ABS body with TPR comfort grip
  • Zinc alloy inner core
  • Lifetime warranty