ACCUSCAPE™ Titanium Hose

SKU: BDS6624

Product Overview

With a durable 6-ply construction armored by a Titanium infused outer layer, the ACCUSCAPE™ Titanium Hose guarantees years of performance. Crushproof Titanium coated couplings and spiral collar eliminate kinking at the faucet to promote water flow. This hose is designed to resist large amounts of pressure, making rupture and breakage the least of your concerns. The ACCUSCAPE™ Titanium Hose will withstand the elements and wear and tear caused by frequent use, guaranteed.

  • Titanium infused outer layer for great flexibility and burst strength
  • Titanium coated crush proof coupling with spiral coupling to prevent kinking
  • 6 ply construction
  • 600 PSI
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 75′ x 5/8″